Cancel Your Season Tickets

When I was a kid I wanted nothing more than my Dad to have season tickets to the Flyers.  I wanted the opportunity to go to every home game.  I was obsessed with hockey, I couldn’t get enough and season tickets for me as a kid would have been the greatest.

As an adult I got myself in a financial spot that allowed me to purchase season tickets but I decided against it.  I became more interested in hockey than the Flyers.  I would rather watch a game or two at home at night then go to the game in person. (This is actually a big problem for the NFL).  Going to games became less fun to me, I had to listen to morons screaming “Shoot it” on the Peco Power Play, people only wanting fights and those ridiculously long bathroom lines.  Season tickets just didn’t fit my hockey lifestyle.

The good news for me is I rarely purchase a hockey ticket.  I do have enough friends that have season tickets to the Flyers.  I even have friends that have them to the Rangers, Caps, Devils and Leafs.  So for me to get into a game it won’t be that difficult, which is a plus when they are actually playing hockey.  Recently I had a conversation with a friend who was thinking of dropping his tickets to the Flyers.  He was wavering back and forth on dropping them and asked me for advice.  I personally can’t believe this is even a consideration.  The moment the season went on lock out he should have got rid of his tickets, but of course he didn’t and wont.

What simply amazes me is that people continue to hold on to their season tickets during this lockout.  Season ticket holders are the problem.  If they start dropping their ticket packages because of this lockout it could make some head way.  Let me ask you this question.  If your gym pissed you off and they have proven you mean nothing to them except your monthly dues, you would just cancel your membership right?  So why is the NHL and this lockout any different?

Here is why…..

Season ticket holders use their tickets to prove how much more of fan they are then you.  How many times have you spoken with a guy at a game and he mentions 10 times in the conversation that he has been a season ticket holder for three years.  Season ticket holders are proud of their seats, they are happy to tell people they have a financial investment in this team.  Season tickets are a status symbol for fans.  It’s no different than a person driving a Lexus or a BMW.

The season ticket holders are the only fans that actually have a voice in this lockout.  This weekend after the article came out about Ed Snider being against Gary Bettman and then Snider himself being allowed to speak saying he is firmly in support of Bettman .  I said every Flyers season ticket holder should call the Flyers Monday morning and cancel their tickets.  They should say, “I’m canceling because we always believed that Snider cares about the fans and that he was on our side, but after him publicly siding with Bettman and keeping our hockey away from us.  I’ve had it with this lockout I’m canceling my season ticketes.”  My friend said that it would never happen.  Unfortunately he is right; even though the season ticket holders are getting jerked around by the organization they will never cancel their ticket packages.  They just want to keep their status symbol.

One thought on “Cancel Your Season Tickets

  1. Maybe in the Flyers organization, but the Caps have treated us very nicely in regards to the amount of money we already paid towards our season tickets. We get interest, albeit small, and we can keep our seats for when they do play. I like having nosebleed seats that I can take my kid to anytime I want or sell to the first buyer if I want to stay home and watch the TV. I don’t know which is worse, though, for some games…the annoying fans or the terrible commentators :)
    Plus, I partnered my season tickets this year so I still get 22 home games and pay half the money, but the account is soley mine. I don’t know…maybe its just the Flyers :)
    I stand with players and without my season tickets, who is going to pay them?

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